BOBCATSSS 2020 – Arrival

This year the BOBCATSSS conference takes place in Paris, France from January 22-24. Every year the conference is organised by students mostly for other students. The conference is titled “Information Management, Fake News and Disonformation“. BOBCATSSS was founded after the fall of the Berlin Wall to promote relationships between Eastern and Western Europe by having two universities work together to organize the conference. The 28th BOBCATSSS was organized by the Université Paris-Est Mame-la-Vallée and the University if Library Studies and Information Technologies from Sofia.

As in previous years the study programme Information Management at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hanover participates with ten students and two teachers. In accordance with this year’s conference theme, the students prepared five contributions which will be presented as posters the day after tomorrow. The topics of the posters are „A Fake News Quiz“, „The effect of different kinds of document embeddings on the classification of medical records“, „Open Access – Solution or act of desperation?“, „Plagiarism Assessment – how plagiarism can be identified and effects on authors and institutions“ and „Predatory Publishing – a little guide on how not to be fooled“.

Like almost every year – e.g.remember the journey to the conference in Tampere(!) – something must go wrong on the way to BOBCATSSS: Our train was cancelled, which we discovered early morning – meaning that most of us woke up early, stressed because of the early departure, and then could sleep a little longer again… We took a train two hours later than planned, and after a 7 hour train journey we finally arrived in Paris at 5 pm.

Arrival at Gare de l’Est, photo: Aline Brun

We checked in our cosy hotel in Montmartre and got ready for a little sightseeing tour with our very own city guide (thanks to Mr Clausing!).

Evening walk through the artists‘ quarter around the Place du Tertre, photo: Aline Brun

We visited the church Sacré Cœur and enjoyed a lovely view of Paris at night. Afterwards we went to the Place du Tertre, which is famous for all the caricaturists and artists working there. It was quite late and cold, but we still went to look at the famous Moulin Rouge and the café where the movie character “Amélie” works. We finished our day at a cute little Georgian restaurant.

Dinner in Montmartre, photo: Aline Brun

We are looking forward to the next three days at BOBCATSSS!

Alina Balandis, Aline Brun

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