BOBCATSSS 2020 – Conclusion

The topic of „Fake News“ has essentially followed us since the first day of our studies in the Information Management course at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hanover (HsH). It started with the courses of the first semester, i.e. „Information Infrastructures“, in which we got to know the definition as well as the application of several fake news checking tools. One of these tools was the Checking Tool of IFLA, which was even a good eye-catcher when presented at the conference.

Another similarity with our studies was in the course „Research of Academic Information“, in which we conducted research on the topics of tracing fake photos and discovering certain tools for detecting fake images. In the lecture „Should you believe what you see“ we were given concrete explanations on how to discover unreal photos and videos and what is possible today with artificial intelligence. We also found a similarity in the talk of the two Croatian students on the first day. Their presentation was about metadata investigation with photos, which we carried out in the first semester in the subject „Basics in Indexing“.

The conference also enabled us to overcome our reluctance to speak English and the fear of making mistakes. We learned a lot about various cultures, views on fake news and the current IT situation in different countries, both during and beyond the presentations. The everyday life of students in other countries was also revealed in lectures and discussions. All these impulses for discussion and reflection would not have been possible without overcoming the English language and therefore the ability to ask questions and get in touch with other people. Of course, the conversation at the conference was also very helpful for internationalisation in general and gave us an idea of the need for good English language skills, especially in a global work setting.

Another important aspect regarding language improvement was the production of the blog entries (in this blog) and the posters, see BOBCATSSS 2020 – Day 3. In this way we practiced our writing skills and discovered how much vocabulary we could suddenly write down when we were in an English flow of thoughts.

With regard to our future and what we take with us in general, we think that we have made some mental progress through the conference: We are simply more sensitized not to believe every video, photo or text immediately, since we have learned again how well fakes can get.

Concerning the job search after graduation, we have learned that it can be very helpful to have a look at the possibilities of a job before you apply. For example the possibility to attend a conference and not to lose the perspective of other countries on the job market. And the opportunity to network. A company that offers these opportunities shows interest in personnel as well as in the further training of its employees.

The conference addressed many topics in the field of information management and provided us with many important insights. We look forward to the next BOBCATSSS.

Vanesa Kovacevic and Lena Krick

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